Starting with Systems Mastermind

Starting with Systems Mastermind


Build your Cashflow Engine Generate new Revenue Streams

The Starting with Systems Mastermind is a 90-day sprint that will revolutionize how you scale your business.


Does your life as a scaling startup founder feel all over the place? 👹


Prioritizing your goals and your To-Do list feels impossible


You want to organize your business and your overwhelm keeps you stuck in place


Your growing list of commitments and infinite videos on Youtube create confusion on how to start

What if I offered you a roadmap to start creating the structure you NEED?



Hola I'm Ernesto and I help Scaling Startup Founders design business systems to Transform Chaos into Cashflow.

  • A Scaling Startup Founder is looking to double, triple, or even 10x their business in the next 6-12 months. They are relentlessly focused on growth and are searching for tools and ways of working to achieve that goal in a sustainable manner.
  • After working with dozens of coaches, marketing agencies, community organizations training companies, and even a national THC distributor, I’ve created a 90-day accelerated journey to help you create the structure you need to start to scale your organization.
  • This sprint will help you:
    1. Create intentions for how to run your business
    2. Start building your system
    3. Identify how you to hire a team around you to delegate work and free up more time in your day
  • We’ll even teach you how you can create new revenue streams through selling digital products so you can earn your initial investment back!


The 90-Day Starting With Systems Journey 📄

This 3-month program that will transform how you will organize yourself as you are building your business. The first 30 days will kick off with a daily drip course that contains a 5-minute video and a 5-minute exercise. Following the course, there will be 7 weeks to integrate and further customize your business system into your specific workflows.


Starter Template

Our template will clarify your Priorities, Identify Relationships, and Develop an Execution Plan


10 Min a Day

Daily 5-minute videos and exercises to guide your journey for the first 30 days


Building Together

We will build together during our Group Build Workshops


Ask Me Anything

Office Hour Sessions to brainstorm how to match your system to your business


What You’ll Learn

How to Cultivate a Systems-Building Mindset

How to Align Vision and Execution

How to Enroll Clients, Partners, and Vendors into our Vision

Our signature framework for continuous improvement

How to use Automation to connect your tools

How to sell digital products online

How to plan your Weeks and Months


…and Why It Matters

More Peace - The system tracks the business.

More Clarity - Align your tasks with your goals

More Connections - Alliances to create new opportunities

Improve Operations - connect the dots in your business

Save Time - Eliminate repetitive work

More Money - So you can create new income streams!

Maintain Momentum - Stay on track towards your goals

What’s it worth to you if you could


After 30 days, you will have the foundational systems to improve your ability to execute without adding any additional stress, discipline, or rigor.

And then we have 7 weeks to build on top of your foundation!


Investment 💰

General Table
Program Includes
30-Day Email Course
10 Group Calls
Notion Templates
Recordings of Group Calls
Lifetime Access to this Program
Total Value

This program will be launching in January at a retail price of$749 $497 The Course will require 2 hours of Course Videos and 10 Group Calls

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

The program comes with:

  • A 30-day course that includes a 3-5 min video lesson and a 5-min exercise
  • 10 Group Calls where I will help you build together, answer any questions you have about the course and also provide guidance for your specific business use cases
  • Access to Annual Planning Workshop (Dec 11) Recording & Templates
  • Access to the Starting with Systems Community to connect with like-minded creators and builders
Why should I sign up?

This program has three Performance measures: Time, Money, and Stress. Through signing up you will learn how to:

  • Save Time: Double your Output in your same 40 hour work-week.
  • Create Money: Learn how to sell digital products online creating new revenue streams.
  • Save Stress: Increase your mental health as you create an organizational structure in your business.

If you are interested in these 3 areas (dont you want to work less?), these 3 outcomes should be enough of a reason to join.

The learning material will compress your business systems setup time from 20 hrs from learning across disjointed videos into a cohesive curriculum

What is the guarantee?

We guarantee that this program will forever change your life.

If you do the work-watching the videos, completing the exercises, and attending our group calls-we guarantee that you will create immense clarity on how you can significantly simplify your business and improve your internal operations.

Through designing a business system that works for your, we guarantee that you will:

  • improve how you communicate with your clients and vendors
  • decrease feelings of overwhelm and stress
  • increase ability to execute
  • create more free time in your days and weeks so you can spend time doing the things you love

If you have not experienced the above after completing the program in its entirety, we will refund you triple what you paid for.

How much time is this going to take?

You get out what you put in.

The program starts with a 30-day self-paced course with a 5 minute video and a 3-5 minute exercise.

Total time for the course is estimated to be 3-4 hrs.

In addition to the course, we are offering 10 1-hour group calls.

If you have additional questions, I will make myself available to answer questions in the community discussion posts.

What if I don’t use Notion?

The course templates are primarily built in Notion.

If you have never used Notion, we will guide step by step on how to set up the tool and how you use the tool to build your Business System.

While the frameworks discussed can be applied to other Project Management tools, we will not be creating training materials for those platforms.

How much does the program cost?

The full retail value of this course is over $10,000. We are running the initial cohort at $497.

Do you offer partial payments?

Yes. You can Pay In Full for the above amount. And you can also pay in 2-installments for $550.

$300 today and the remaining $250 to be collected the day before the program begins.

What is your refund policy?

All our programs come with the No Honey, No Money Guarantee. If you are not enjoying this product within the first 7 days after purchase, simply send us an email at and we will be happy to offer a 100% refund. No questions asked

What is included with lifetime access?

You will receive lifetime access to the community page that contains the 30-day course and the group calls that will run on a quarterly cycle specifically for the Starting with Systems program.


If you’re still not convinced or have additional questions, please submit them below.




Starting a company is a bold commitment to solving a problem with your unique ability and perspective.

While following your dreams can be an overwhelming journey, it can be enhanced with joy, passion and enthusiasm. Through developing business systems for clients, I’ve discovered how to bring that excitement into their every day.

This is why I created this program. To help as many people start building their Cashflow Engines so they can share their honey with the world.