When to Hire an Operator

When to Hire an Operator

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now -Chinese Proverb

While this quote contains deep wisdom around starting to work towards that next big goal, I wonder how this applies to hiring an operator for your business.

Today, I’ll share with you:

  • why this matters
  • how to identify who your operator is
  • and a job description

you can swipe to accelerate this transformation

Why this matters

Before diving in, let’s get clear on the Why.

As visionaries, we hate “running” the business.

This means tracking expenses, managing the pipeline, executing on action items, coordinating media appearances and more.

We are uniquely positioned to expand the business through speaking to audiences, creating partnerships, enrolling clients, meeting with distributors, and raising funds with investors (where applicable).

Every minute we spend “managing” our business is taking us away from expansion.

Would you rather spend an hour closing a deal that generates $15,000? Or

spend an hour tracking your expenses (a task that you outsource for $50/hr)

What do you want to spend your time on?

Who is your Operator

When I say “hire an operator,” this can mean as small as a Virtual Assistant to manage your email and calendar or as large as a VP Operations/COO to manage your entire organization — while you focus on the growth that will move the ball forward.

Think about these 3 questions

  • How much time do you currently spend managing the business?
  • How many hours do I want to I delegate to an operator to free up bandwidth?
  • What is the budget you want to dedicate to someone you can delegate tasks to?

While a $100,000 annual salary might sound like a lot, that is almost like $50/hr. You can start on an hourly basis, knowing that they are freeing up your time to do the $300/hr work

How to Find an Operator

There are 4 times as many Visionaries as Operators Gino Wickman

Chances are, your ideal operator is not out there in the way that you need them today.

That’s why you get to create clarity on what exactly it is that you need.

Through swiping the below Role description for an operator, you can start taking the steps to understand who you are looking for, what responsibilities they will take off your plate, AND

the skills that they must develop before the co-created success your are envisioning

If you wait for the perfect person to appear, you’ll never get going.

The magic happens as you get started and create adjustments along the way

What’s getting in your way of planting the tree today and hiring an operator?

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