Enroll Everyone with the Triple Win

Enroll Everyone with the Triple Win

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You can have any result for yourself or your life that you invent as a possibility, and enroll others in your having gotten. -The Landmark Forum

Most people go about inspiring others to take action in the wrong way. Our egos usually get in the way of elevating others into action.

Today, I share 3 leadership approaches incorporated to inspire others into action, and a strategy that I have developed to make things happen QUICK.

My coach recently shared these 3 approaches, and I have layered them into a spectrum of Buy-In onto his ideas. The 3 approaches are:

  • Alignment
  • Agreement
  • Enrollment

While these 3 terms have multiple definitions that fit the context, here I explain them in the context of two people.

  • Alignment happens when interests logically make sense and there is low buy-in.
  • Agreement happens when logical buy-in is enhanced by emotion.
  • Enrollment happens when buy-in is high and both parties want to make it happen alongside the Win-Win situation that is created.

Below, I illustrate them with what I call The Enrollment Spectrum.


Creating The Triple Win

Since learning about enrollment, I’ve come up with a new framework for creating even more Buy-In towards action. Now. I call it The Triple Win.

The Triple Win means you win, I win, and the world wins. Sometimes the “world” is the family, the local community, the city, or even the country. It’s the larger group that is impacted by the possibility being co-creating.

For example, my good friend, Julian, is a photographer and I am a systems designer. In the past, I would brainstorm with him about how my services can help him serve more clients, and generate more cashflow. This context creates a win-win for the two of us…. With the Triple Win framework, I get to integrate the impact on the “world.” I ask Julian to consider the how many more people can express their authentic selves and serve their clients with the photos that he can help them express.

It’s not just about the cash he pays me or the time he is saving. Rather, it’s about the possibility of helping our worlds being more authentic, feeling self-expressed, and serving powerfully. It’s about the Triple Win enrolling into action. NOW!

During your next pitch, sales call, or company meeting, consider how you can co-create a Triple Win and share it with your audience. Paint the picture on the impact on not just you and them, but your “world” at large.

That’s enrollment in action.

Thats the power of the Triple Win.

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