3 Ways to Invest in Team

3 Ways to Invest in Team

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The most powerful asset that you can build as a the leader of your organization is the team.

The group of people that support the vision of your company can be a game-changing differentiator.

Thats why early-stage investors care less about your product, then they do about the leadership team.

Today, we’re going to discuss 3 ways you can pour into developing and investing in your team.

They include investments of:

  • Time: (Monthly 1:1s)
  • Learning: (Programs & Courses Aligned with their Goals)
  • Connection: (Helping them Meet People)

Spend Time with your Team Regularly

  • Humans are social creatures, not robots 🤖
  • Routine weekly status updates don’t count as “meeting regularly”
  • Make an effort to meet with your team at least 1x per month to check in about how life is going outside of work
  • You’ll get to learn what each person on your leadership team values, and how we can align their experience at work to reflect that

Invite them to Learn New Skills

  • Leadership is an ongoing growth and development moyen d'être (way of being)
  • With a team leading your organizations to new realities, you have the opportunity to invest in their learning
  • When they bring new skills and tools back to your organization, it is possible to make quantum leaps in productivity
  • For example: if you invited your COO to take a course in No-Code automation with Zapier, they could come back and improve internal operations by 5000% through immediately eliminating all those manual tasks that your team HATED doing (now thats ROI!)

Create Connections with the Ecosystem

  • While its great to develop strong bonds between your team, it’s important to connect with the ecosystem
  • Send your Business Development/Sales Leaders to conferences so they can create relationships with other collaborators
  • While they are personally creating new relationships with like-minded folks, potential partnership opportunities can be unlocked between your organizations
  • This can look like attending software conferences (Dreamforce, INBOUND), music and culture conferences (SXSW, Collision), or just pure local networking events hosted by local business development agencies (Chamber of Commerce)

Investing in your Teams has infinite upside potential. People acknowledge those that invest in them and subconsciously want to return the favor.

Aside from feeling fkn great about going to work every day, they will:

  • Operate and execute at a much higher capacity
  • Communicate more openly with you about how they are feeling
  • Show up as powerful leaders when working with their teams

The numbers will tell the story of significant technical Return on Investment when your organizations experiences:

  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased product quality and customer
  • Decreased costs from employee turnover
  • and many more…

The next time you are considering whether or not to invest in the development of a leader on your team, consider the impact it would be on the organization if that single individual came back feeling heard, considered, and INVESTED.

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