3 Considerations Before Hiring Your VA

3 Considerations Before Hiring Your VA

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You’re busy, overwhelmed and on the hamster wheel.

You keep getting these freakin ads on about hiring a VA and it has you wondering…

What if this actually works?

Before clicking on that deliciously crafted opt-in button, consider this…

Do you even know what you want?

Seriously... you'll spend all this time watching webinars, signing up, onboarding, and interviewing

only to realize you hate working with your first VA…

It’s because you actually didn’t prepare for this

Here are 3 considerations before actually getting your 1st Virtual Assistant

  • What is Success?: What does it look like? How can we create a shared agreement by measuring it?
    • What are the 3-5 metrics that will measure progress in this role?
    • This will determine the specific skills and experiences candidates will need
    • This will also determine what procedural training materials will need to create.
    • Once you have those numbers, consider putting together the standards on how to generate them.
  • Standards: What are the Standards for successful outcomes?
    • You have complete control to set the standards for how your business operates.
    • How emails are sent, how content is produced, how you interact with customers.
    • Once you have metrics around success, consider putting together your Standards around how you operate
    • This will help you articulate the “how to” for your company
    • After you hire your VA, you can refer to the Standards for how your business operates, which eliminates considerable amount of questions
  • Communication: How will you communicate?
    • With rising trends of work from home, hiring talent from overseas, and designing unique lives, schedules can get complex
    • How often will you check in? Daily? Weekly?
    • What tools will you use? Email, text, whatsapp, (or even Notion 🤔 )?
    • Will you have regular check-ins or will communication be more informal?
    • Establishing clear communication cycles will help ensure that your VA has the support and guidance to create success.

Through completing this exercise, you will create enormous clarity in being able to communicate:

  • How you measure success
  • How success looks and feels like
  • How often you will check in

Once you knock these 3 out of the way, you are more prepared than 90% of entrepreneurs.

Yes, this takes work…

And, these 3 hours up front on this will save you 30+ hours (and lots of frustration) in the future

Let me know if you need support deep diving into this process through replying to this email

Talk soon,

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Thanks for reading, Ernesto

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