The 5-Step Secret to Crushing in 2023

The 5-Step Secret to Crushing in 2023

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Yesterday we taught the Secret to Crush it in 2023 at our 1st Vision n Vibes workshop.

The 1st Vision n Vibes Workshop!
The 1st Vision n Vibes Workshop!

In today's newsletter, I will share a summarized the 5-Steps with pointers on how to implement right now.

Despite everyone having a different definition of crushing it, we all follow the same 5 steps.

  1. Set your Goals
  2. Define Measurable Targets
  3. Create an Execution Plan
  4. Maintain Momentum - Review Progress each month
  5. Run Tests and Integrate Feedback along the Way

There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that this is simple.

The bad news is that it's difficult to keep things simple while balancing so many moving pieces.

The great news....I share at the bottom.

Set Your Goals

  • Chose 3 goals that you want to pursue over the next 12 months
  • Not 5 nor 7
  • Now define a way that you will measure progress

Define Measurable Targets

  • Choose numbers that you will use to measure progress
  • Instead of outputs, measure your contribution/input
  • We can't control the results, only our actions

Create an Execution Plan

  • Outline the action that must be taken as part of the goal
  • Is it a list of tasks, a number of meetings, or pieces of content that need to be created
  • Add this Execution Plan somewhere that is easily accessible

Maintain Momentum

  • After completing the first 3 steps, get out there and take massive action, until you MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Sometimes we can't see the results for days or even weeks passing by. KEEP GOING.
  • Run a weekly or monthly review cycle where you can recommit to the mission and goals
  • Hire a coach, create a support group, join a paid community.
  • Do whatever you have to do to keep going until your 2023 Goals have been achieved!

Run Tests and Integrate Feedback

  • Every project is an opportunity to test your hypotheses
  • Collect feedback from your actions and iterate until you figure out what works (Product Market Fit)
  • Use Tools like to collect and analyze data

The Secret to these 5-Steps lies in your Integrity of aligning Desires and Actions. Integrity is maintained through building and following your Business System.

For many reasons, entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by keeping track of all the moving pieces, recommitting each week, and finding support to stay on course.

The great news is that I've created a 90-day Mastermind to help you create a business system to maintain alignment between your Goals and your Execution. A 3-month program that includes:

  • Daily Video Lessons with Exercises
  • Group Calls so we can build together
  • Office Hours to answer questions
  • A Community Platform so we can support one another

Creating a business system will be the single most transformative investment you will make in 2023.

Any I would love to share the power of Business Systems with you, if you are interested in crushing it next year.

As readers of this newsletter, I am offering $100 off the SPECIAL launch price of $497 with code: FRIEND

If you are interested in this, or have questions, I invite you to check out the page below

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