4 Secrets to Supercharge Networking

4 Secrets to Supercharge Networking

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Your Network = Your Net Worth - Timeless Wisdom

This saying is as prevalent in the business world as Zoom is these days…

In case your missed it, networking is a critical concept that is a predictor of success.r

Relationships with “random” connections you meet while out and about can open doors and opportunities that your family and/or spouse could never dream of.

In this week’s post, I’ll break down four secrets that will supercharge your networking efforts, and therefore mine the golden opportunities that are just under your feet.

They are:

  • Ease of Exchange
  • Divide Connections based on Dreams
  • Fast Follow-Up
  • Give to Gain

Easy Way to Exchange Contact Info

Welcome to 2023, when you can airdrop your contact to the person next to you using the magic of Apple.

Or for the 🤖 Android users, QR codes are cool too.

Make it soo easy to exchange contact info.

Although the Gen Xers and Boomers are out there slinging their business cards…it’s unlikely you are going to follow up

Then again, will you remember that person’s name after theyre added to your contacts 🤔

Pro-Tip: Create a Smart List that filters your contact list for cards that were changed in the last 7 days


Divvy your Contacts Based on Dreams

After adding people to my phone, I prioritize who I immediately want to collaborate with based on their goals.

Using Tally, my favorite form builder, I send everyone a short intake form that allows me to ask questions about their dreams.

Sometimes contacts are searching for systems support (which can translate to Revenue for me). This is a higher priority response

Others are looking to speak on stages. I have a podcast, so I can invite them there if there’s alignment

And then there’s really cool people I meet that are just crushing it and I cant really help them advance closer to their dreams.

But collecting the information sets me up for a future where something will reach my desk that I CAN share with them.

Today, this QR code is located on the back of my business card.

You can see the form here

The Fast Follow-Up

Within 24 hours of meeting your new friends, follow up quickly and share any insights you experienced while meeting them.

Since you’ve collected a little more info about their dreams with the Let’s Co-Create Dreams Contact Form, you can include a note on how you can start to collaborate towards that new reality.

Bonus points if you add an auto-reminder for 7 days later to check in with them asking if there is anything else you can help them with.

Give to Gain

When we give support to other people, theres a small part of our brain that lights up.

The amygdala lights up, which produces the feel-good feelings, or “good vibes”, as the kids say these days.

While some people foster the “what’s in it for me” mentality, flipping the script actually creates a more rewarding situation.

After exchanging information, segmenting your contacts based on their dreams, and following up with them, the only thing left is to give.

Give your attention: share resources, open up a door for them, buy them a book, offer advice, etc…

There’s many ways to give (thats not your time-which is super precious).

Eventually, the recipients of your gifts may share back something that will transform your life.

It’s really tough to remain in the giving mindset when your ego is creating every reason why you must ask for things…

Nevertheless, eradicating that ego with some breathwork can shift you back into the abundance of connecting with everyone around you.

As part of this blog post, I offer these resources so you can Supercharge your Neworking!

After implementing these secrets into the arena of life, you might experience side effects such as:

  • everlasting gratitude
  • an increase in friendships
  • a surplus of dopamine
  • extra levels of energy

Let me know which of these secrets are your favorite

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