Mastering Project Management with the SHARE Method

Mastering Project Management with the SHARE Method

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My first job out of college was a project manager for a massive $50M government project.

I dreaded the weekly commutes, the daily reporting, and keeping up with all of the tiny details.

10 years later though, I realized that I’d be LOST without this fundamental function in my business.

As I reflect on my work with hundreds of founders over the last 3 years, I realize project management is often overlooked.

Or at least, the formalization of it.

In companies, project management usually looks like emails, slack, whatsapp, phone calls and meetings.

Oh, and a very messy, dumpster-fire google drive folder.

While the dictionary defines PM as the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value, today we’re going to break it down to 5 main points.

I teach clients that the meaning underneath every Projects is to share a company’s essence with collaborators.

Sometimes that looks like:

  • a marketing agency sharing their expertise through building an advertising campaign
  • a designer producing an entire brand identity
  • a business systems agency developing automations to improve your internal workflows (know any good vendors out there? 🤔)

These creations and initiatives usually don’t fall under the category of 10-minute task or half hour meeting.

Welcome to Projects.

When teaching clients how to implement Project Management in their business, I introduce the SHARE Method, the 5 elements of every project.

  • S-Success
  • H-How
  • A-Actions
  • R-Resources
  • E-Education

Before starting any Project, we answer these questions and document them into our tool (although we use Notion, you can use ClickUp, Trello, or any of the other bajillion tools out there).

Success - What does it look like? What results are we creating through our work?

How - What is the Playbook we are following? Are there any modifications we get to make, given the unique nature of this project?

Actions - What are the tasks, meetings, and deliverables for this Project? What is the corresponding schedule for each of these?

Resources - Who is available to execute the Actions? How much capacity do we have?

Education - What did we learn through this experience?

I misspoke, we actually answer the first 4.

After the project concludes, we document our lessons learned and update our Playbooks so the next time we kick off a similar project, we are ready to get going.

Every time we complete a project, we improve the operation (by at least 1%) and discover new ways to be more effective with our resources.

If this is not the case in your company…I invite you to send me a note so we can see what (massive) shifts we can make to create the results you are looking to create.

If you’d like to learn more about project management, also shoot me a note inquiring about what topics you would like me to dive into.

Talk soon,

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Thanks for reading, Ernesto

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