Amplify Brand Awareness with a Podcast

Amplify Brand Awareness with a Podcast

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Dropping in today to quietly announce that the Regenerate Your Business Podcast is launching THIS WEEK on Wednesday.

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be promoting different episodes of the guests that have been a part of this epic effort across several channels.

I can’t think of a better opportunity to give you a behind the scenes window into how you can repurpose your content to amplify awareness.

Ready to dive in?

In this newsletter, I’ll share with you the:

  • podcast production playbook
  • tools I use to publish across different channels
  • ROI and Costs associated with podcast production

The Playbook

Launching and hosting a Podcast show doesn’t have to be a monumental effort. The easier you make it, the easier it will be to maintain consistency through shipping episodes weekly.

Below I list out the exact steps that I am following to produce the episode (at the time of this writing)

  1. Confirm that the guest is hype and excited to join
  2. Send them the Intake form to collect relevant info
  3. Review responses and prepare for show
  4. Record the interview
  5. Export audio and video into Descript
  6. Edit and Add Music
  7. Create Reels and Clips
  8. Publish on Youtube and Spotify for Podcasters
  9. Promote across Channels

The Tools

While everyone wishes there was 1 tool to rule them all, I did my best to consolidate the Regenerate your Business Podcast stack.

We use the following tools to produce my show:

  • Tally Forms to collect the guest information prior to the show
  • Calendly to schedule the interviews
  • Riverside to record the interviews
  • Notion to manage and oversee the entire Podcast
  • Descript to edit the recording and add the audio segments
  • Youtube to publish the video recording
  • Spotify for Podcasters to publish the audio across all platforms

The Return on Investment

Lets lay out the costs and the revenues of this initiative.


On average, I spend an hour for each episode between preparing, recording, and publishing each episode.

My team handles the downloading, editing, and preparing for publishing. It’s about $75 of labor cost per episode.

The tools cost about $300/year (at 100 episodes a year, thats about $0.30 an episode)

The startup investment was about $300 with the intro, outro, and commercials.

That brings the estimated costs for the first year to about $8,000.


At this point, it’s difficult to estimate what the revenues will be from this effort.

What I have 100% certainty in, is that having 50 episodes recorded of your insights, is a massive trust builder for listeners that are discovering you and evaluating the value of signing up to work together.

With my programs ranging in investments of $500-$5000, it will take between 1-10 people to register to generate a return on my initial investment.

In one year, I’ll write up a project summary and let you know.

Let me know if you are interested in launching a podcast one day so I can share my templates with you to make it easier to get going!

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