Are you an Overwhelmed Operator?

Are you an Overwhelmed Operator?

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Throughout my entire professional life, I was overwhelmed.

So many things to do

People to see

Events to attend

While my ego wants to tell you I’m not overwhelmed anymore,

that would be a lie.

Wearing my operator hat, I have been feeling overwhelmed the last few months.

I do now recognize that I am responsible for creating this experience.

My visionary self is the ambitious psycho that has chosen to intentionally

pursue 7 different goals,

create 5 different products,

maintain relationships with 100+ collaborators,

Do you feel a similar sense of overwhelm?

This weekend, I watched an hour long webinar by Alex Hormozi who talks about focus and doing the boring stuff every day. He explained why doing new stuff is keeping us poor and about how simplifying can lead to more money than you can every imagine.

What I took from that presentation is that I (and many of my friends, clients, and colleagues) have chosen to take on too much because of “the exciting shiny toy syndrome,” instead of doing the boring stuff day after day, week after week, quarter after quarter.

Minutes after the presentation, I cut my OKR list, called my team and told them that we are focusing on half of what my delusional visionary self had decided on at the start of Q2.

While trying to balance all of the things in your company, how do you feel?

Feeling a state of overwhelm is a version of preventing yourself from powerfully choosing what is most important to focus on.

Through constantly logging into the digital dopamine feeders through IG, email, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc…., we eliminate the potential space we can create to ask ourselves:

What unrealistic expectations are we setting ourselves up for through the goals we set?

In addition to cutting my list in half, I became very clear this weekend on who exactly it is that I am directing all of my focus, love, and attention to through my personal brand, my podcast, newsletter, youtube channel etc…

I teach Overwhelmed Operators how to build systems so they can scale their organization while feeling confident and at peace.

One of my teacher’s Rory Vaden taught me: you are most powerfully positioned to serve who you once were.

I was once (and arguably still am) an Overwhelmed Operator.

Through this relentless and boring focus on this one person, I hope to create leverage to more effectively pour into my audience of folks that are interested in scaling their organizations while feeling confident and at peace!

As always I am here to send you any resources that you may need!

Oh, and here’s a link to that life-changing webinar

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