Accelerate Networking with Intention

Accelerate Networking with Intention

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I spend a lot of time networking at different events and talking to people from all walks of life.

I used to be the #techbro that whipped out my QR code hoping that people would just keep up.

Until I joined a BNI chapter and realized that the business cards was and IS the predominant way that people exchange info.

So I created a opportunity to bring together my inner #TechBro with my old soul to create a modern approach to advance the conversation.

When it came down to the business card, I applied what IDEO would call “design thinking” to reimagine the experience of creating collaborations with other professions.

Looking at my card, I decided to reformat it to have 3 lines and a QR code that takes people to this form


People can jot down a 1-2 sentences of what we can create together

Later (if they remember) they can share their inspiration and select how I can support them.

Since leaving things to chance is out of my ego’s comfort zone, I would ask for their business card if they were working on something that captured my attention.

After they submit, we both get an email and I can respond back with my scheduling link for a check in call

This intentionality advances the conversation by several steps which accelerates the creation process.

When you design your Intentional Intake form, you can ask questions like:

  • What are you interested in creating?
  • What is important about growing your company?
  • What is your dream?

These can qualify any interaction with people to maximize the value of your time together.

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