My second year “Going for it”

My second year “Going for it”

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Happy New Year. After my first year of “Going for it” as an entrepreneur, I look back and celebrate everything that has occurred in my life.

It was and will never be always smooth sailing, yet I am here. I am dedicating to remain on the path of entrepreneurship and continue to discover the essence (my honey) that I am offering to the world through my company-CPD Advisors. My favorite part of this journey has been the relationships that I have formed just in this first year. Once you truly realize that there are no limits to what you can create as an entrepreneur, it starts to get REALLY magical. These new people have given me the encouragement to chase the infinite potential within myself. Also, I’ve been able to help them discover new possibilities for themselves. You know who you are... Since I’m a die-hard minimalist, I’m keeping this Annual Review/Vision post short and sweet with the key points. Split across 2 sections, I’ve included key celebrations from ‘21 and my vision for ‘22. My intention for sharing my vision is to invite anyone who is ready to explore how we can Win Together in this world. With the rise of new communication technology powered by Web3, and supercharged by the cultural norm of collaboration, the future rests on Winning Together, or as I like to affectionally call it-Cross-Pollinating. We all have honey we MUST share with the world. If you are ever interested in sharing your vision or collaborating on any of my projects, shoot me a note. I also am starting a monthly newsletter where I will share tools and strategies on how you can incorporate Cross-Pollination (Winning Together) into your life to create your own unique personal development opportunities.

Celebrating ‘21


  • 1:1 Clients Served: 32
  • Workshop Participants: 42
  • Communities Developed: 4
  • Pollination Conservation $s: $100

Accomplishments and Struggles

  • Created and Shared our 6P Strategy & Execution Playbook at Workshops
  • Constant Experimentation with Discovering Ideal Target Customer
  • Created Videos to support Client Transformations

Pics (because it happend)

S/O to @julian_creates for an epic Photo Shoot
S/O to @julian_creates for an epic Photo Shoot
Presented at 1MillionCups!
Presented at 1MillionCups!

Delivered Annual Planning Workshop @ Moxy South Beach
Delivered Annual Planning Workshop @ Moxy South Beach
Organized my first 25-person Workshop
Organized my first 25-person Workshop

‘22 vision

The focus for 2022 is to deepen my connection to how I am serving the clients and communities drawn to the intersection of nature, system design, automation and growth. Although I have been told many times that “my honey idea is out there and confusing,” I have a deep knowing that I will integrate this concept into the worlds of business and personal development. I am committed to defining how the ideas of Cross-Pollination fit into the narrative of building and scaling your impact, whether you are a working in a job, freelancing your skills, or building a company as a founder. Cross-Pollination serves people from all walks.

What’s next?

For those who subscribe to the newsletter, I’ll send out a Quarterly update on my Priorities.

If you believe that I can be helpful to you, feel free to set up a time here

I wish everyone a wonderful year!

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