F*k Yeah or Unfollow

F*k Yeah or Unfollow

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How many people, accounts, businesses, are you following across ALL your platforms.

Your inbox counts too…

I would guess that number rests at a cool 10,000

As if we are not already overwhelmed and overstimulate…

Today’s message is simple: Fuck Yes or Unfollow

If the content isnt lighting you TF up, then why are you subscribed?

Do you really want to spend your precious mental energy molecules reading stuff that is unappealing?

Below are 5 starting steps you can take to begin to digitally detox your life

  1. Instagram - Go to your Least Interacted with Tab after pressing your Following. This is low hanging fruit
  2. Unroll.me - This epic inbox scanner compiles all of your newsletters in one place. Take 20 minutes and to select at least 100 subs that you do not read through. If mine is one of them, my ego has already gotten over it.
  3. Youtube - Although every creator asks you to smash that fkn bell, you are not obligated to. Take this opportunity to declutter the accounts you follow. You can also download this epic Chrome extension - Undistracted - which can hide all the suggested videos, comments, etc…to transform your Youtube consumption experience into a meditative-zen temple of content
  4. Twitter - Well, I quit that wild ADHD-filled world of incomplete sentences. You can unfollow accounts that don’t light you up, or succumb to the endless scroll of doom that occurs every time you open up that app
  5. Notifications - For every app that you have on your phone, I have turned off email notifications. I’ve turned off almost every notification. This is a manual process, and will pay off in massive rewards
  6. Bonus - Close your Tabs. Founder Tab Syndrome a.k.a. having 27 tabs open at a time isn’t productive. Add the link to your Read Later list if it’s not critical at this moment. and don’t just digitally hoard links in your Read Later list either…

There is a reason why Robin Dunbar was hyped up by the science community when he published Dunbar’s Number. Your brain cannot maintain active relationships with more than 150 people.

Why do you think everyone’s so fkn overwhelmed?

Let’s make Marie Kondo proud and declutter our digital lives.

Your loved ones wont hate that you start to show up more relaxed, calm, and at peace…

See you next week!

P.S. If you’ve already completed the above Level 1/White Belt digital detox, hit me up and lets go deeeep in the Digital Detox game

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Thanks for reading, Ernesto

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