Free Up Time with Fractional Support

Free Up Time with Fractional Support

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Motivational speakers, stoics, and trending internet philosophers found on Twitter all say the same thing…

There is never a right time

And today, we apply this wisdom to the situation of hiring the support your business is begging you for…

So that it can improve performance, increase your profitability, and reach the next level of results.

When it comes to hiring support, companies usually look to Fiverr, Upwork, or any of those other freelance websites to hire someone for a 2-3 week project to deliver a solution to problems faced in-the-moment.

Instead of band-aids for quick fixes, what if there was someone who could support you on a medium to longer term basis?

Someone who could pull you (the CEO) out of the weeds, so you can focus on the strategic, growth-oriented activities that will move the business forward.

Not the menial day-to-day tasks of updating your CRM list, dealing with client fires, and/or following up with leads.

Those are important…AND you can choose to focus

Today’s newsletter will dive into the 3 considerations while thinking through hiring the fractional support you need to continue growing your business.

  1. The Timing
  2. The Responsibilities
  3. The Investment

The Timing

Chances are you have already hired a fractional operator through a different title.

Their title is either Virtual Admin, Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, or maybe even Operations Analyst.

Congrats. 👏🏻 You’ve recognized you need support and have taken action to free up your time.

If you have not pulled the trigger yet, all good. You still have the opportunity to create clarity around how this person will free up your time

As you are reading this blog right now, ask yourself how its going with this particular resource.

Are they pro-actively freeing up more and more time?

Or are they going through the motions and solving the same problems week in and week out?

A Fractional Operator is someone who will pro-actively develop systems for you so that time is freed up at the level of the organization, and not just one position.

Which brings us to the next point: the responsibilities of your fractional support.


What will be included in the responsibilities of your fractional support team?

  • Manage your inbox?
  • Own your calendar?
  • Onboard new clients?
  • Prospect for new clients?

What happened if there were fractional resources that were trained with the scaling skillset that includes developing automations, managing projects to completion, and/or identifying operational roadblocks in the way of your organizational goals?

Remember - you have the power to decide what your fractional support team will focus on.

Next, we get to dive into the value of your fractional support team.


So what is the value of time to you? To your organization?

Companies in preservation mode (aka holding onto as much money as possible because of the impending crisis of the month) struggle with quantifying the value of expensive consultants who deliver “transformational” offerings.

Emotions aside, take a moment to think through the following:

  • What would it be worth having 5 more hours every week?
  • How many more sales could you close if every single qualified lead has been nurtured through conversations with your team?
  • What if your fractional support team could automate your business to save you (personally) 150 hours a year?

What if you didn’t even have to train this person because they already had all of the skills necessary to keep the wheels turning?

As a CEO, you have taken the reigns as the Chief Expansion Officer for your organization. The person who will discover all the growth opportunities necessary for the companies to truly thrive in this chaotic world.

Before we close out the day, I have one question to leave you with:

What could a fractional operations team unlock for you?

If you are ever interested in creating your strategy for hiring your first fractional operator, I invite you to send me an email and share where you are at in this process.

Talk soon


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