Forecast your (Financial) Freedom

Forecast your (Financial) Freedom

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Most entrepreneurs associate ample amounts of cash with financial freedom. They don’t have to bend to the whims of their investors and other sources of capital, and are therefore free to take the company in the direction that they choose.

Is predicting the future impossible?

The hardest element of the entrepreneurial experience is creating the sense of control that our egos crave.

People ask us about our vision, where we are going to take the company in the next 3 years, and how we see the market changing.

Are we witches and sorcerers that can predict the future?

Definitely not

However, we do have a chance to take an extremely calculated approach to forecast the future.

In today’s article, I will break down the 5 components of forecasting your way to (financial) freedom.

  • Present-Day Pricing
  • Activate the Marketing Activities
  • Hypothesize Conversion
  • Move and Measure the Action
  • Manifest or Make-Over

I will use a hypothetical example of Sally the CPA who is side-hustling with tax advisory services.

I can say with almost 100% certainty that you can substitute Sally’s business with yours, and the information will still apply.

Oh, and at the end of this article, I will share how you can started with forecasting your freedom!

Duplicate this Google Sheet to follow along with a fun example

Present-Day Pricing

The first step to manifestation always begins with where you are.

In this case, ask yourself what is the pricing structure you have for your products and services.

Through this 5-part process, we are going to build a tool that will calculate how much revenue your business will generate based on percentage conversions toward purchasing your offers.

Sally offers 1-hour consultation sessions to give clients advice for $300.

To keep things simple, we will ignoring Sally’s additional offers like tax filings or other done-for-you services. We will also assume that this is the only package Sally has.

Activate the Marketing Activities

In order to generate Awareness for her transformative work, Sally decides that she is going to start a newsletter, a Youtube channel, and a podcast to share her expertise in 3 forms: Audio, Video, and Text.

Through building an audience, Sally will have a warm pool of potential customers that want to work with her.

As she gets started, she sends out an email to her 50 friends, colleagues, and family members to let them know what she is up to.

In terms of the forecast, we will want to take a guess at how quickly her audience will grow.

Let’s assume 15 people subscribe and that with each post, she will grow by 5 subscribers.

We will also calculate that every week she will share 1 newsletter, 1 podcast, and 1 youtube video.

Let’s assume that she will commit to this for a year

Hypothesize Conversion

Conversion is the concept of going from Binge-er to Buy-er.

From watching the content to purchasing a service.

In our forecast model, we will want to guess how many people in Sally’s audience will want to set up a session with her to discuss how they can improve their tax situation.

To be very conservative, we will say that every month, 5% of her audience will sign up for a session.

In month 1, that will be 1 session.

In month 6, that can equate to 6 sessions. (45 people across 3 platforms = 135 * .05 = 6 sessions).

Thats $1,800.

Move and Measure the Action

Now it’s time to actually make things happen.

This is where usually most people freeze.

Their ego comes up and demands perfection in how they look on camera, sound in the podcast, or grammar in the text…

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about changing your audience’s life through your work.

They wont even realize anyway.

Sally now can schedule the time to record, write, and publish her 3 weekly assets to the channel.

She can focus on the actions (not the results), and then take measurements to compare between the theory and the reality.

After 6 months, Sally has published her weekly content and has grown her audience because people have shared her videos with their colleagues.

Manifest or Make-Over

After 12 months, Sally made it happen.

Through dedicated action, she has manifested her commitment to her new business.

She’s built a small (and loyal) audience who is coming to her for tax advice and has started to create financial freedom.

When we look back at the results, we have the opportunity to compare the theory vs. the reality.

What if the results we forecasted didn't come to life?

Time to Make-Over

100% of the time, the forecast will be wrong.

There are too many factors that could have changed between the time that we did the forecast and when we actually made it happen

  • Conversion may be higher or lower
  • The audience growth may be faster or slower (virality IS a thing these days)
  • The amount of content could have increased
  • There may be additional offers that could have brought more money

It’s okay if you do not manifest the results you anticipated.

This is where curiosity can play a major role as you set up your next experiment.

Don’t let your ego tell you that you suck and are not worth it.

Invite your higher self in to explore what happened, and how you can shift into a new experiment.

Also, sometimes things take time. It took me almost 15 months to have my first 5-figure month

Getting Started

1st things first, duplicate this worksheet if you have not already done so.

You can play with the numbers and adjust them for your business so you can start to Forecast your Freedom.

In September, I will be launching the Forecast Your Freedom course, which dives deeper into: this idea of how to take a calculating:

  • content creation and audience growth across multiple channels
  • the optimal operations to upsell clients into premium offers
  • the financial forecast of top-line Sales and bottom-line profitability

If you are interested in this topic, I invite you to sign up below and we’ll send you more information about the upcoming launch.

Talk soon

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