Stop Selling, Start Enrolling: The 3 Key Elements to Drive Collaboration

Stop Selling, Start Enrolling: The 3 Key Elements to Drive Collaboration

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Enrollment is sales on steroids.

It is a service-centered sales paradigm where the other person mentally enrolls themselves in the possibility of being co-created through joint collaboration.

This applies to clients, partners, vendors, investors, and anyone looking to collaborate with you.

Today, we’ll be learning:

  • The Strategy behind an Enrollment Playbook
  • The tools supporting this Playbook
  • How to Measure Enrollment Effectiveness

The Strategy behind your Enrollment Playbook

Your strategy is made up of these 3 key elements.

  1. Who your ideal collaborator is that includes who they are (demographics) and what their focus is on (psychographics)
  2. The key steps in the journey that includes what the goal of each step is, what questions to ask, and the clarity required to advance to the next step
  3. What value can be created to advance to the next phase

Although days are filled with chaos, clients still want to know that you (the expert) will be their pillar of support while they are experiencing challenges and setbacks.

By carefully designing these 3 components, we can systematize our communication with each person.

This cycle can help them enroll in the new possibilities for their business (i.e., save time, save stress, increase sales, etc.…)

The keep track of every collaborator, we’ll need to use a few tools, which we cover below.

Communicating the Next Step with Simple Tools

While there are fancy tools like Hubspot and ActiveCampaign out there, they’re not cheap.

Internally, the key elements are a collaborator’s next check-in date and the next action both parties have committed to taking.

With an already defined enrollment journey, these steps will start to generate patterns (gather feedback from other stakeholders, schedule meetings with partners, verify timelines) across all collaborators.

You can use a Notion database with three fields and keep a filter to show contacts with an overdue Next Check-In Date (that’s what I teach my clients).

Or you can spend a lot more on tools like the above-mentioned Hubspot or ActiveCampaign.

Once you cross the 7-figure threshold and manage an enrollment-specific team like Sales or Partnerships, consider upgrading.

Measuring Enrollment Effectiveness

When measuring our effectiveness, we’ll want to look at the numbers that span both activities and results.

Results-driven KPIs like Conversion %s and # of Closed Deals are helpful when compared to the number of activities.

Depending on the industry, skill level, collaborator fit, and several other factors, conversion will span between 10-40%.

If the # of Deals are low, then we have the opportunity to consider how we can increase the number of activities to drive more conversations.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Leading KPIs, which are the numbers and activities that your team has 100% responsibility over. These can include outbound messages, asking for referrals, and creating social content on LinkedIn.

You will always have the ability to reach out to more compatible collaborators.

In Conclusion

Even though there are many moving parts in the enrollment cycle, you now have a foundation for navigating the process of turning a prospect into a collaborator.

In summary, here is what we covered:

  • Create the strategy for who you wish to collaborate with, the questions you will answer through your discussions, and the content that support the journey
  • Simplify your Tools to Track the Next Step
  • Measure Effectiveness with a combination of Actions and Results

What templates can we provide you with to manage the Enrollment Cycle for your business?

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