4 Components of Epic Customer Experiences

4 Components of Epic Customer Experiences

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In the last 3 weeks, I’ve helped 10 founders design the customer journey for their business.

I’m going to break down the process here so you can DIY your 1st version.

Customer Journeys are usually represented by the following framework:


We teach it through the S3 Journey.


There are 4 main components of every touchpoint throughout the journey.

  • Action Steps
  • Emotions & Beliefs
  • Content Delivered
  • Tactics & Tools

These 4 components are accounted for as the client goes from cold lead to raving fan.

To illustrate the customer journey, we are going to use the example of going to a restaurant.

Because i love how restaurants create magical experiences.

Follow along with the template (in Notion) we created so you can fill in the steps

How the 4 Components are outlined for Seek Phase in our Template
How the 4 Components are outlined for Seek Phase in our Template

Action Steps

  • Clients will take actions at each point in the journey
  • They’ll search on google, find your website, sign up for a lead magnet, schedule a call, and so much more
  • They may do this all in a 5-minute sitting, or over the course of a few weeks
  • In a restaurant, we will likely do our research on Google before taking the drive over. We might also look at reviews
  • A Journeys from start to finish might be 10 steps, or they might be 53 steps depending on what you are mapping out.
  • Start with just the beginning and list out the action steps to get on the phone with your sales team

Emotions & Beliefs

  • Our actions are driven by subconscious emotions and beliefs
  • What are the thoughts that trigger our clients to take action?
  • Is it a pain? Is it curiosity? Is it fear?
  • How can we create the conditions such that our clients feel confident in taking the above-mentioned action?
    • Do we have to communicate specific content (next section)?
  • In a restaurant, perhaps we are really craving pad thai, or a specific ambiance, which drive our google search
    • Perhaps we really want to impress our partners or a client, which then drives a different action

Content Delivered

  • What content do we have to deliver at that specific point in the journey?
  • Is it a white paper to build credibility? Is it a sales call that creates the awareness to make a decision? Is it an intake form that drives the onboarding process?
  • Content is a communication vehicle that may look like a video, a phone call, a meeting, or even a gift box.
  • In a restaurant, the greeting, the specials menu, the food, the service and even the chocolates at the end of the meal
  • Life is a content funnel driving you to the next action/emotion that a brilliant product manager in the sky (G-d?) has designed for you - woah that was deep…

Tactics & Tools

Your business is the intersection of people and processes working in concert to deliver these experiences for the many clients you serve

  • Back to our restaurant example, the server has a specific order of welcoming guests, a way of sharing the specials of the day, a sequence of bringing drinks and then food, a method of presenting the check
  • They also use handheld or stationery point of sale equipment to send your order to the kitchen along with special messages (like birthday!) to make the experience extra special
  • This is no different than sales teams sending a message to implementation teams with special considerations about each client’s needs
  • Software like Zapier and Make connects tools that don’t already have connections

At CPD Advisors, we design S3 Journey so clients can Seek, Serve, and Support a community of collaborators. The intention of these journeys are built atop a detailed design of team, tactics, and tools that look like a collection of software such as ConvertKit, your website, forms, and interactions with our collaborators.

If this post gave you a headache…I’m not sorry.

The sooner you define what you want your journey to be, the sooner you can build the tools to free up your time so you can return to doing the things that you love which is making an impact and having a great time!

Stay tuned for the video walkthrough.

In the meantime, if you are ever interested in building this out for your company so you can implement automations to save you time and increase performance, I invite you to shoot me a message with your thoughts.

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