The Questions to Crush Quarterly Planning

The Questions to Crush Quarterly Planning

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What will you commit to completing over the next 13 weeks?

  • How many people will you reach out to?
  • How many blog posts will you write?
  • How many free presentations will you deliver?
  • Will you launch any products?
  • How many existing clients will you ask for a referral or a testimonial?

Notice that in the framing of these questions, the answers are all 100% in your control.

Most people plan on top of the wrong foundation.

The questions around the plans they are making are grounded on results that are out of their control.

Questions like:

  • How much revenue will I generate this quarter?
  • How much money will I raise?
  • How many clients will I close?

The results-based questions can sow the seeds for disappointment, shame, and self-doubt if they don’t actually happen.

When none of theme were really in our control to begin with.

Next Thursday, I will be hosting a 90-minute planning workshop so you can Crush your Quarter.

During our time together, we’ll set powerful action-oriented goals and brainstorm how we can dream bigger and execute faster so we can create the next level of results in our business.

This donation-based event will be from the comfort of your own living room and will be limited to 25 people

I hope to see you there!

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