5 Areas to Continuously Improve in Your Organization

5 Areas to Continuously Improve in Your Organization

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Continuous Improvement sits at the core of everything we do at CPD Advisors.

One of our values is Compound Continuously, which means creating wins and making progress through tiny gains every single day

Today we will talk about five areas in your organization that can ALWAYS be improved.

Given that you are building a high-growth organization, I would bet (a lot of money) that there are breakdowns daily. Fortunately, our customers don’t see it most of the time. Unfortunately, you must always be readjusting to account for these setbacks.

Team Member Satisfaction

One of the top predictors of the success of an organization is an engaged team.

  • Psychological Safety is one of the top factors that enhances an employee's performance level
  • Through ongoing surveys and audits, you can pulse-check what your people are thinking through.
  • Educate your team about the importance of authenticity and sharing their feelings so they can feel heard and understood

Client Experience

Let your clients know that you are committed to an excellent experience.

  • Check in with them after a week of starting to work together, 30 days in, and three months in by sending a feedback survey
  • Address unexpected feedback immediately so it does not linger and make the adjustments
  • Automate the sending of a Thank You Gift after achieving a significant milestone in your journey together


Improving fulfillment by 1% daily will double your capacity in just 3 months

  • Take meticulous inventory of every step in the fulfillment process/customer journey
  • Identify Content that can be delivered (an email, a video, a survey) along with an automation trigger
  • Create measurement KPIs to account for each step in the journey


As the organization grows, processes and playbooks will start to break down.

  • Completing Project Lessons Learned reports will uncover how to improve delivery and fulfillment
  • Every month, people can reflect on where they were blocked while working on projects
  • Consider interviewing your teams to dive deeper into potential bottlenecks for the organization

Communication (Meetings)

Share information through effective communication processes around decisions that were made and ones that are pending

  • Take inventory of your meetings (replace most of them with video recordings of written memos)
  • Decide which tools will be used for what communication
  • Consider using a combination of Video messages and meetings with clients to provide detailed updates

Although it seems like your business is more of a science project (it is), the continuous improvement journey is all around identifying where the sum of marginal improvements can be combined to score huge gains.

Reviewing these 5 areas will improve performance which results in increased profitability when you unlock new abilities to close deals faster, at higher prices, and service those clients with a greater attention to detail.

It’s no wonder why the leading companies of the world are all focused on this timeless principle.

What areas of your business are you Continuously Improving?

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