5 Ways to Develop Relationships through Building in Public

5 Ways to Develop Relationships through Building in Public

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The story that Entrepreneurs have been told of not sharing their ideas for fear of them being stolen has kept us all from building in public.

Not building in public means you are missing out on massive opportunities to:

  • find clients and cashflow
  • develop Accountability
  • curate a community
  • improve the product
  • increase confidence

Building in public accelerates the validation of ideas and experiments.

Today we'll dive into how you can create these 5 opportunities by putting yourself out there on the Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Clients & Cashflow

  • Through sharing ideas, people start to notice you have expertise and experience
  • Invite your audience to comment and share their responses
  • Eventually, they will raise their hand and directly ask for help
  • Make sure you have a way to quick capture via a scheduling and payment collection tool


  • Through sharing your goals and visions, you are 74% more likely to achieve them
  • Depending on which source is referenced, the number goes up or down.
  • The point is the same, sharing your intention in public increases your chances of following through
  • As your audience sees your integrity, they will want to cheer for you and support you


  • Aside from clients, you'll start to develop friendships and meet people on the internet
  • Eventually, you can collaborate on workshops, product launches, or new partnerships
  • You're micro-community will become the support squad that levels you up exponentially further than you ever thought possible

Improving Product

  • Through sharing prototypes and MVPs, your community will comment and give you direction on how to improve
  • Understanding that failure is only feedback, you'll be able to iterate on your offer until you land on something that resonates with the most amount of people
  • Again, there is no failure...it's only feedback

Increasing Confidence

  • At first, you'll get 2 likes, 4 views, 1 comment, NO responses. ask yourself who you are building in public for...for you? or for them
  • Through daily action, week in and week out, you'll develop confidence in yourself, in your vision, in your abilities
  • Every action is a vote of conviction in what you are doing. Every action is a big F-you to the part of you that tries to keep you safe and alone...

Statistically, you are more likely to succeed the longer you are alive as a new business - so why not do that things that will extend your business's life?

I leave you with this question to consider: How will you build in public in 2023?

  • Is it in the sea of social media?
  • Is it with a mastermind group?
  • Is it in the space of your company's leadership team?

There are no right answers...

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