Amplify Awareness through Repurposing your Content

Amplify Awareness through Repurposing your Content

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Back from Scotland and feeling refreshed as we get ready for another amazing week!

and now…back to our regular programming

If you’re wondering how every entrepreneur has infinite resources to post content every day across every platform, this post will shine a light (and a strategy) on how you can keep up with the current.

With the rise in tools and technologies made possible by AI, we have been invited by our peers (the market) to innovate on how we share and promote our message.

  • On one hand, AI is super cool to be doing the work for us.
  • On the other, it is causing anxiety by the “FOMO” from now building across every major marketing platforms.

I’m not here to debate whether you should focus on 1, 2 or ALL of them.

Just here to provide some tools.

The Council of Elders sitting somewhere in the metaverse have created a concept known as Content Repurposing.

I call it Amplify Awareness.

And now I’ll show you how I apply it in my platform

My Promotion Channels

In my business, I have 4 primary channels:

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

With my upcoming podcast launch in June, I’m excited to be adding another medium to communicate information for those system-obsessed audiophiles (quite the niche).

My Amplify Awareness Cycle

And here is how I amplify awareness across those 4 channels

As of today (@May 1, 2023), content creation begins with a weekly newsletter that is produced here in Notion. (by a human, and not AI)

I time myself for 15 minutes to write, present my idea and a way to implement it.

Now comes the fun part.

I’ve developed an amazing template that leverages the powerful, almighty AI buttons that generate suggested posts and/or scripts for me to develop the rest of the content.

Here’s a gif showing you how I create the sub-content for this article.


After it’s created, I spend another 5 minutes editing the suggestion before posting on the channels. While I have not (as of Today) been posting Reels to complement my newsletters, it is something I will start doing in the next few weeks.

How to Swipe the Amplify Awareness template

In my Starting With Systems course, we have a lesson that teaches you how to implement this framework in your Notion workspace.

If you are interested in taking a look, I’ll send you the lesson that walks you through the black magic from the Dark Lord (I just got back from a week in Scotland and spent 3 days listening to Harry Potter references) that is unlocked with AI.

Eventually, when I launch my podcast, I will use AI to summarize the transcript into an article and produce the subsequent posts to market the episode. I’ll probably also publish an update to this post with the new framework.

For now, I hope you’ve been able to appreciate how AI can be used to repurpose the content that you spent 15 minutes creating every week so you can Amplify Awareness across every one of your channels.

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