Accelerate Weekly Action

Accelerate Weekly Action

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Every week is a battle.

Not with your customers, investors, vendors, and the rest of the world.

Really….its the battle you face with yourself as you manage to find the willpower, courage and desire to get back up and keep going.

Today, I share 4 ideas to accelerate weekly action to improve your output and increase your impact with your time.

Let’s jump in.


Every Sunday night, I look at my to-do list for the week ahead….until I realize

This list is fkn endless.

Instead of going bananas over everything that must get done, I choose 3 things per day.

Choose The Big 3 actions you can definitely complete.

The actions that that will move your life/business drastically forward.

Why so little?

Remember that you will be disturbed throughout the day.

Client requests, your team, vendors asking for payment or even….your parents🙀!

By executing on The Big 3, you will move closer to your goals.

(If you really do have a lot more to do, consider delegating)

To absolutely ensure your Big 3 are completed, unplug from the world to deeply focus.


Silence, for some, is petrifying.

It can also be liberating.

When we create intentional stillness, magic happens.

Every day, we have the opportunity to turn on airplane mode, activate 25-minute timers, and work on The Big 3.

Without distraction, the only obstacle left to overcome is our own thirst for stimulation.

Remind yourself how epic life will feel when you achieve your goals this quarter. This will lock in the short-term focus.

Coming out of intense focus periods will leave you drained.

You’ll probably want to take a break and recharge

(Note: this does not mean plugging back into instagram or netflix for 3 hours)


Recharging looks a little different for everyone.

Maybe it’s walking your dog.

Meditating for 15 minutes

Cooking a meal for your family

Listening to a 20 minute piano concert.

Whatever it is, give your brain a break from the insane focus on your goals.

Perhaps you may layer in another deep work + recharge session before the end of the day.


Humans are social creatures and we yearn for connection.

Spouses, partners, team members, clients, and even competitors collaborators 🤝

Connecting is how we nourish our souls and our survival-oriented egos.

At the end of the day, create a ritual of connecting with someone with whom you can share wins, challenges, and/or your next million dollar distraction.

Have some fun, laugh, cry, and experience the magic of your emotions.

Through incorporating these ebb and flow patterns between getting shit done on your own and connecting with those around you, you are certain to increase your output on a week to week basis.

P.S. Join us this Thursday to set intentions for the next 13-Weeks during Crush your Quarter, an accelerated Planning workshop!

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