Shortcut through your Workflows

Shortcut through your Workflows


  • Text Shortcuts are an epic way to improve your typing efficiencies
  • You can create Text shortcuts for commonly used websites or acronyms
  • Thanks to Ben Issenmann of Supercreative


I subscribe to a few newsletters that I like to read when I have some time. Recently, I watched a video produced by Ben of Supercreative who explained how to use shortcuts to improve our digital lives. I thought it was awesome, so here I am sharing the wisdom from our younger GenZ frens.


To use keyboard shortcuts, press Command + Space to bring up your Spotlight and search for “Keyboard”


Once the Keyboard window pops up, navigate to “Text.” You will see all of the Replace and With Options.


Create your own Shortcuts.

Below, I show what happens when you type “omw” in a text message


After pressing enter, On my way shows up


Try it out!

Let me know what cool text shortcuts you come up with,

Keep sharing that honey!


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