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Current Focus


What I’m Focusing On

Currently Living

Building a life of Sovereign Independence 🏗️

I’m living in Miami, FL and creating a vibrant life with my beautiful wife Dina. I am striving to build CPD Advisors and develop the local Regenerative Business ecosystem.


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What I’m focusing

I’m focusing on being

  • a Supportive husband, Reliable friend, and loving Member within my expansive family
  • the Leader of the 6P Swarm - the world’s most creative and energized community of Regenerative Business System builders
  • the Creator of dynamic systems-building training videos to help you build your Cashflow Engine
  • the developer of the 6P Playbook-the Regenerative Business System that helps businesses Transform Chaos to Cashflow
  • a dedicated CrossFit journey to improve my physical, emotional, and mental strength
Global Level

This is where I am Prioritizing my Energy

  • Cutting out the noise that keeps me away from Deep Focused Flights (Deep Work)
  • Spending time maintaining deep relationships
  • Deepening my understanding of Systems, Spirituality and Sharing my Honey
  • Exercising and meditating
  • Cooking new recipes and eating well
  • Sleeping 8 hours a night
  • Delegating tasks to free up my time
New Opportunities

Evaluating New Opportunities

The fundamental value that drives my life is Cross-Pollination and I define this is the continuous exploration of my passions, skills, ideas, projects, and opportunities. When people approach me with new opportunities for collaborating, I ask them to present the Triple Win. I’ve created this to ensure co-elevation between each other, our communities, and the planet. If you are interested in collaborating on something, please reach out using the below.

Updated + Inspiration

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself where I want my focus and attention to go. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last update was @August 31, 2022

Let’s Grow

What are you Focusing On?

What are your priorities? After reading your top two Priorities, I’ll send over any resources that I have to help you grow faster!


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