Cashflow Creation Fundamentals

Cashflow Creation Fundamentals



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⬅️ Sometimes, you feel like this guy:

  • experiencing like you have no momentum and are all over the place
  • keeping track of your new project across several different tools (or none at all)
  • procrastinating about moving forward and beating yourself up about it

These self-sabotaging, recurring thoughts aren’t getting you any closer to your goals…

Pain & Premise

Building a business is a skill not taught in college…

Staying calm, focused and organized are deeper secrets that are even more difficult to come by.

In the fast-moving world of today, there are pressures to keep up with the pace, to scale our projects, and to look good while doing so, which creates feelings of FOMO, anxiety and overwhelm for first time founders.

Payoff & Process

In this Free 5-part video training, you will:

  • Align Vision with your Support Tribe and Execution Plan to get to your next milestone
  • Receive my notion templates that I share with clients to simplify their business
  • Learn the 3 key routines to staying on track towards your goals

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After signing up above, you will receive the first training lesson in your inbox, followed by one-email a day for the next 5 days. We’ll include the links to all the resources that will help you create success .


Ernesto and CPD helped me organize ways of doing business that has rapidly my productivity and also harnessed the power of my network. The tools that he has set up has enabled me to scale my business without losing pace.

-Jake Schuster, CEO of Gemini Sports Analytics

Payoff & Process
I created this training because I am deeply passionate about helping people share their honey - the special gifts - with the world. As a systems designer, I believe that if we improve the systems and tools that we use, we can improve our thinking, our execution, and ultimately our contribution in the world. - Ernesto Mandowsky

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Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors. With a degree in Systems Engineering and over a decade of developing technology solutions at companies like Deloitte Consulting, Meyers USA and The Palm, Ernesto is an expert in designing systems to help leaders scale their organizations.

Ernesto helps early-stage founders transform their operations by designing business systems utilizing his proprietary 6P Playbook. Outside of his work with founders, Ernesto is passionate about building the sustainable entrepreneurship community. As a community organizer for 1Million Cups Miami, Ernesto is responsible for curating the stage for founders to share their story and get the support needed to create sustainable change in the world.