Focused Flight Registration

Focused Flight Registration


Develop the Deep Work Practices to Exponentially Increase Output


Improve Focus


Eliminate Distraction


Increase Results



← Sometimes, you feel like this guy

  • Constantly beating yourself up about it
  • Struggling to stay focused day-to-day
  • A little all over the place

These self-sabotaging, recurring thoughts aren’t getting you any closer to your goals…

Pain & Premise

It’s not your fault. No one taught you how to deepen your focus

As the generation that prides itself on multi-tasking, doing it all, and creating our own path, its hard to find people who are bunkering down and focusing intensely on their projects.

As someone who obsesses over systems and spirituality, I want to share a few secrets on how you can design your days around deep focus so you can feel grounded and in flow without those lingering feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Payoff & Process

In this Free 4-part video series you will learn

  • The most important distinction to make when prioritizing your day
  • The 5 “productivity” killers that keep you from “the zone”
  • How boundaries are designed to increase output and communication with your team
  • Research-baked methods to regenerate your working days!

Who’s Offering


Your Instructor

Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors. With a degree in Systems Engineering and over a decade of developing technology solutions at companies like Deloitte Consulting, Meyers USA and The Palm, Ernesto is an expert in designing systems to help leaders scale their organizations.

Ernesto helps early-stage founders transform their operations by designing business systems utilizing his proprietary 6P Playbook. Outside of his work with founders, Ernesto is passionate about building the sustainable entrepreneurship community.