Hola I’m Ernesto

Hola 👋🏽 I’m Ernesto

I help people build Cashflow Engines so they can share their honey with the world.

My fundamental life principles are rooted in the magic of bees. Specifically, how they cross-pollinate their environments, communicate and support each other, and create honey to survive.


When I was younger


When I was younger 🍴

I crafted my first vision to own 6 restaurants. I started sharing the lessons from my life experiences with every person and organization I came across. I worked in nightclubs, cruise companies, hotels, restaurant groups and tech startups, where I met friends, mentors, and guides who pointed me closer and closer to my vision. Over time, I integrated elements of technology, analysis and systems engineering into my vision. After a decade of working towards my dream, I became a Restaurant Systems Engineer at one of the largest hospitality companies in the country— and then quickly realized it wasn’t the real dream I wanted.


Through writing my first book 📙 NewBee

I discovered that people and bees are very similar. Through extracting nectar and transferring the pollen throughout the many flowers in our lives, we have to potential to create products and services that reflect our unique intersection of passions, skills, and experiences.

  • Sometimes, this looks like a new job in an old company.
  • Sometimes it’s a new and unique job that was created through intrapreneurship.
  • And sometimes, it’s a totally new product or service that belongs to the new world we are all creating each day.

Each of the 3 cases is an example of how people share their honey-their special gift-with the world.


CPD Advisors


Building a life of sovereign independence 🏗️

I realized that I would stop playing it safe with the first two options, and create something totally new. With bees still at my core, I launched Cross-Pollination Design Advisors (CPD Advisors), a business systems advisory firm to help people share their honey with the world. Our vision is to develop the Regenerative Business System-an integrated set of Playbooks designed to unlock the potential for organizations to regenerate the society of the future. I share my ideas through my bi-monthly newsletter, Secrets from the 6P System and regularly post on my social channels. You can sign up below.

I look forward to meeting my regenerative peers!

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